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Nobel Laureate, Herbert Charles Brown has inspired us to allure the word Herbert from his name. Herbert Publications took the motivation from his unusual advancement all through his education and untiring career regardless of the hardships he surmounted. With this inspiration, we commit at our best for the distribution of research information at global standards upholding integrity. Herbert Publications was established in 2011 and ...
Open Access publishing refers to unrestricted reuse and redistribution. It facilitates easy access for research distribution and its global transmission to any internet user for free. Open access publishing is a reverse process to the traditional print publishing method where the publishers holds the copyrights to the articles published in their journals. A reader has to pay to access the articles and obtain permission to use them...
All articles at Herbert Publications are available under Creative Commons Attribution License to any internet user for free. All the content available is transparent and authenticate at its best. We perpetually intend to improve our publication standards and reliability to all sections, acting as a medium in transmitting the scientific contributions with rapid and thorough peer review system. Herbert Publications endeavor to uphold ...
MathJax, a project of the MathJax Consortium. It is a joint venture of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) to advance mathematical content on the web. MathJax is supported by the MathJax Sponsors. The core of the MathJax project is the development of its open source, JavaScript for display of mathematics.
CrossCheck is a multi-publisher initiative to scrutinize published and submitted content for originality. Herbert Publications uses the iThenticate software to identify instances of overlapping and related text in submitted manuscripts. To find out more about CrossCheck visit
Herbert Publications launched EPub file formats for original and research articles in all its Journals. EPub is a free open e-book developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum. EPub was started with a hope that it can optimize any text in accordance with particular display device. It also supports fixed layout content. EPub can represent and encode any file format like HTML, CSS, SVG, images and other resources in a single file format.
CrossMark is a multi-publisher initiative from the CrossRef organization to provide a standard way for readers to locate the final version of a document. HERBERT PUBLICATIONS is dedicated to scientific accuracy and integrity and as a result has implemented CrossMark on its publications. A CrossMark logo will appear on an PDF file or HTML page indicating that the publisher is maintaining the published document through corrections, updates and retractions.

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ResearchOpen Access
Lack of association between toll like receptor-2 & toll like receptor-4 gene polymorphisms and Iranian asthmatics risk or features
Hamid Bahrami, Saeed Daneshmandi, Hasan Heidarnazhad, Ali Akbar Pourfathollah
HOAJ BIOLOGY 2014 3 : 1 (2 September 2014)

OriginalOpen Access
Trends in prenatal diagnosis of congenital anomalies among live births over a 30-year period
Karina Dyrvig Honore, Ester Garne
Journal of Reproductive Biology and Health 2014 2 : 1 (1 September 2014)

OriginalOpen Access
Modulatory effects of green tea and aloe vera extracts on experimentally-induced lung fibrosis in rats: histological and immunohistochemical study
Mohamed Y. Salem, Nahla El-Eraky El-Azab, Eman M. Faruk
Journal of Histology & Histopathology 2014 1 : 6 (30 August 2014)

ResearchOpen Access
Dynamics of plant species during phytostabilisation of copper mine tailings and pyrite soils, Western Uganda
Jamilu Edrisa Ssenku, Mohammad Ntale, Ingvar Backeus, Kari Lehtila, Hannington Oryem-Origa
Journal of Environmental Engineering and Ecological Science 2014 3 : 4 (29 August 2014)

ResearchOpen Access
Contributions of the loops on the stability and targeting of DNA pseudoknots
Calliste Reiling, Luis A. Marky
Biochemical Compounds 2014 2 : 3 (28 August 2014)

Case reportOpen Access
Multidrug resistant extrapulmonary tuberculosis – three case reports and review of literature
Neeru Mittal, Punit Bansal
Internal Medicine Inside 2014 2 : 2 (27 August 2014)

Case reportOpen Access
When is a carcinoid not what it seems?
Russell Gollard, Diana Garcia, Cole Abrahamson
Research Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism 2014 2 : 3 (26 August 2014)

ResearchOpen Access
Dermatopontin in the extracellular matrix enhances osteogenic differentiation of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells
Heather B Coan, Mark O Lively, Mark E Van Dyke
Musculoskeletal Biology 2014 1 : 2 (25 August 2014)

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