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Accepting Submissions

Publication fee for the Manuscripts submitted on or before 30th November, 2014 is US $300.

Scope of the journal

Research Journal of Aging is an Open Access (Gold OA), peer reviewed, international online publishing journal, which aims to publish premier papers on all the related areas of advanced research carried on in its field and its interdisciplinary branches.

Research Journal of Aging  fosters its research on the cellular and molecular (stem cells, mitochondria, death and autophagy, microRNAs, DNA damage and repair, cell growth, regulation of translation) senescence, organism aging and age related diseases. Journal mainly focus on signal transduction pathways in aging and approaches to modulate these signalling pathways to extend life span, study of evolution of aging, society, health and genetic theories.

Areas that are covered but not limited to:

Aging and social stress
Gender, race, and ethnicity
Alzheimer’s disease
CNS aging and age-related neuronal diseases
Health-oriented approach to aging
Intrinsic diseases of aging
Metabolic therapies
Managing functional decline during senescence
Behavioural Science

Social Work
Active life expectancy
Disease prevention
Health behaviours and beliefs
Longevity and mortality
Mental health