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Changing Lifestyle Improves Executive Functions and Associated Neurophysiological Activity in Children with Autism

Agnes S Chan, Sophia L Sze
Journal of Autism2020 7: 1 (16 February 2020)
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The View on the Sexual Education of People with Autism in Modern Greek Society

Nikos Αpteslis
Journal of Autism2019 6: 2 (29 March 2019)
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Quality of life in autism spectrum disorder

Mandy Roy, Wolfgang Dillo
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Can genetic research motivate parents to pursue genomic testing for children with autism spectrum disorder?

Augustus E Floyd, Lei Xu
Journal of Autism2017 4: 4 (7 August 2017)
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The intellectual profiles of high functioning elderly persons with an autism spectrum disorder

Annelies A Spek, Loes M Ham, Frederique E.M Geven
Journal of Autism2017 4: 3 (21 April 2017)
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On the Asperger experience of interaction: Interpersonal dynamics in dyadic conversations

Melisa Stevanovic, Pentti Henttonen, Sonja Koski, Mikko Kahri, Liisa Voutilainen, Emmi Koskinen, Taina Nieminen-von Wendt, Pekka Tani, Elina Sihvola, Anssi Perakyla
Journal of Autism2017 4: 2 (3 April 2017)
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Asperger syndrome and partnership

Mandy Roy, Wolfgang Dillo
Journal of Autism2017 4: 1 (16 March 2017)
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In the eye of the beholder-rating of facial attractiveness in adult asperger syndrome

Mandy Roy, Wolfgang Dillo, Lasse Osterhagen
Journal of Autism2016 3: 2 (28 April 2016)
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Oral vitamin D, infants, toddlers, and autism in the United States: 1980 to 2010

Seth Bittker
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College experience of academically successful students with autism

Sara Drake
Journal of Autism2014 1: 5 (1 November 2014)