Table 1 : List of various peptides derived from hTTR protein sequence encompassing the
proposed protease cleavage site and a few key mutations. Each peptide is 20 amino acids long.

Peptide Name Amino acid sequence Calculated
MW, Da
Observed MW, Da

P1:hTTR41-60 WEPFASGK48↓TSESGELHGLTT 2,134.29 2,133.4 (M+H)+
P2:hTTR41-60 S52/P WEPFASGK48↓TSEPGELHGLTT 2,144.33 2,143.6 (M+H)+
P3:hTTR41-60 K48/A WEPFASGA48↓TSESGELHGLTT 2,076.95 2,075.9 (M+H)+
P4:hTTR41-60 T49/A WEPFASGK48ASESGELHGLTT 2,104.26 2,104.1 (M+H)+

Da: Dalton; MW: Molecular weight; ↓: Proposed cleavage site.
The mutated amino acid residues are indicated in bold underlined characters.

Basak et al.Biochemical Compounds  2016 4:5DOI : 10.7243/2052-9341-4-5