Table 2 : List of measured half cleavage times of various hTTR peptides
following digestion with trypsin in the absence and presence of trypsin
inhibitor (only for peptide P1) (For details see Materials Methods section).
DMF, an inhibitor of trypsin shown in this study, was used in this experiment.

Peptide T1/2(min) Relative fold T1/2

P1 7.4+0.99 7.5
P2 0.985+0.098 1
P4 ~10% Cleavage in 60 min ND
P1+Inhibitor 76.6+0.97 77.8

NA: Not Applicable; NC: No cleavage; ND: Not determined,
T1/2: Half or 50% cleavage time

Basak et al.Biochemical Compounds  2016 4:5DOI : 10.7243/2052-9341-4-5