Music for emotion modulation in mental disorders

The use of music often has a crucial role in the everyday life of patients with mental disorders. For music is a cognitive-emotional entity which both portrays and influences psychological processes, psychiatric pathomechanisms might be additionally unraveled by this approach. This study shows first exploratory data on relations between emotion modulation strategies by means of… Read More »

Cancer and stress

A large number of epidemiological studies have supported the relation between stress/stressful life events and risk of cancer, however the number of involved variables and the long period of observation prevent with current technologies the definition of causal versus chaotic sequences of this hypothetical relationship. In addition the event will be spread over a period… Read More »

Charity Open Access Fund

Charity Open Access Fund (COAF) is a partnership between six UK medical research charities – Arthritis Research UK, Breast Cancer Campaign, the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and the Wellcome Trust – to enable free and unrestricted access to the published articles they support. COAF will begin on 1 October 2014,… Read More »

HOAJ – Updated Editorial Board Policy

Herbert Publications identifies the vitality of an eminent Editorial Board in accomplishing a Journal with their contributions in fostering the quality of a publication and the journal’s content. Therefore Herbert Publications follow a rigorous criterion in the selection of Editorial Board members and below mentioned is the criteria for a researcher to meet our Editorial… Read More »


CrossMark is a multi-publisher initiative from the CrossRef organization to provide a standard way for readers to locate the final version of a document. HERBERT PUBLICATIONS has started CrossMark service from January 2014, to maintain scientific accuracy and integrity. A CrossMark logo will appear on a PDF file or HTML page indicating that the publisher is maintaining… Read More »

CrossCheck Plagiarism Screening

HERBERT PUBLICATIONS uses CrossCheck service (powered by iThenticate), a plagiarism screening service designed to verify the originality of content submitted for publication. HOAJ strives to prevent scholarly and professional plagiarism by using iThenticate service, which cross-checks a submitted article against thousands of published articles in their database. It highlights text passages that a submitted journal… Read More »

Cited-by Linking

HERBERT PUBLICATIONS now participates in CrossRef’s Cited-by Linking Service. This service allows us to discover how the publications are being cited and will incorporate that information into online publication platform. Cited-by linking facilitates to retrieve the DOIs of other publications that cite the content. Since May 2014, CrossRef DOI-based cited-by links have been added to all… Read More »


Another Step Forward in Dark Chocolate Science – Microbes and Cocoa A recent study shows how cocoa fermenting in your gut creates compounds that improve blood vessel function. According to an article in Scientific American, research has unlocked one secret to how cocoa is used by your body to make you healthier. “Dark chocolate might… Read More »

NEO’15(1st International Conference by Herbert Publications)

The International Conference “New and Emerging Trends In Oncology 2015″ (NE0’15) is an initiative by Herbert Publications to provide a unique multidisciplinary environment for all science and research professionals with a common interest in Cancer to navigate, discuss, inform and educate themselves about this evolving disease landscape. Furthermore NEO’15 aims to debate and deliberate with… Read More »