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Ebstein anomaly in the adult: focus on pregnancy

Paraskevi Koutrolou-Sotiropoulou, Fabio V Lima, Anjali Kapur, Kathleen Stergiopoulos
Cardiovascular System 2018 3: 7 (9 December 2018)
ReviewOpen Access

Prosthetic Aortic Heart Valves

Hadi Mohammadi, Guy Fradet
Cardiovascular System 2017 5: 2 (21 September 2017)
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A possible role for hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) as "enhancer" of zofenopril activity at the tissue level

Claudio Borghi, Federico Maria Verardi, Ilenia Pareo
Cardiovascular System 2013 1: 6 (6 July 2013)