Figure 2 : Plasma concentration of IgE and β-End in SPF and conventional NC/Nga mice.

Both SPF and conventional mice were treated with β-End or acetyl-β-End. Plasma levels of IgE were increased in the conventional group, and the acetyl-β-End treated mice decreased in comparison with the β-End treated mice. In plasma β-End level, β-End and acetyl-β-End  treatments mice significantly increased in comparison with the no treatment mice, but did not change by the β-End and acetyl-β-End treatments. The values are the means±SD derived from 10 animals. *, P<0.05 compared with the no treatment conventional NC/Nga mice.

Hiramoto et al.Dermatology Aspects  2013 1:2DOI : 10.7243/2053-5309-1-2