• Topical application of Corchorus olitorius leaf extract ameliorates atopic dermatitis
    Corchorus olitorius leaf Extract Excluding the high molecular weight compounds (COEE)may be a useful therapeutic candidate for AD due to its suppression of the plasma IgE level and degranulation of mast cells
    Dermatol Aspects 2014  2 : 3
  • Efficacy and safety of As and its active metabolite, DHA in streptozotocin-induced diabetes rats
    The efficacy and safety of both artesunate and dihydroartemisinin is tolerated in diabetes mellitus rats and dihydroartemisinin has more favorable characteristics than artesunate
    Interact Med Chem 2014  2 : 1
  • The awareness of anaphylaxis reaction in Dentistry
    Allergic reactions during the administration of local anaesthesia are rare, but if it occurs, can be potentially life-threatening. Most dentists who encounter patients with anaphylaxis in their clinics or private offices do not seem to be aware of this urgent condition. This trend has increased in this field in the last few years. Hence, dentists should be more aware of the causes and treatment of anaphalaxis. In addition it could be completed by nationwide educational programs on anaphylaxis, such as congresses, seminars, workshops and journal clubs for dentists.
    J Allergy Asthma 2014  1 : 1
  • Surgical correction of lens luxation in the horse: visual outcomes
    Surgical removal of an unstable or luxated lens in a horse is a difficult endeavor with a high rate of severe intraoperative and postoperative complication, and generally poor visual outcomes.
    Vet Med Anim Sci 2014  2 : 2
  • Evaluation of models for dermal exposure assessment in farming systems
    Dermal Exposure Assessment is a crucial aspect within the risk assessment of pesticide use as it may lead to the development and improvement of measures to reduce the health risk of pesticides users.Dermal exposure models are more appropriate ones to assess dermal exposure of pesticide use in farming systems in developing countries
    J Environ Eng Ecol Sci 2014  3 : 1
  • Neuro-cognitive rehabilitation among spinal cord injury patients who treated with stem cell
    Artificial limbs and "smart" nano-technology-dependent cell transplantation and neurological functions provide the ability to re-establish the proper experience and optimal learning environments through the science of rehabilitation.
    Neurosci Discov 2014  2 : 2
  • Intracranial meningiomas in individuals under the age of 30
    Intracranial meningiomas in individuals <30 years, ionizing radiation was a risk factor and tumors were more common in females.
    Neurosci Discov 2014  2 : 1
  • Joint function recovery by latex proteins
    study shows that latex proteins of Calotropis procera alleviates functional limitations in arthritis by inhibiting inflammation, pain and maintaining oxidative homeostasis.
    Musculoskelet Biol 2014  1 : 1
  • Role of porcine ROSA26 promoter in transgenesis
    The porcine ROSA26 promoter is ubiquitous and can be utilized in pig transgenesis. Targeting transgenes to ROSA26 locus along with further genetic modification of the pig genome may provide suitable organs for xenotransplantation
    Transplant Technol 2014  2 : 1
  • Eicosanoids in exhaled air after non-specific challenge in patients with asthma
    Histamine triggers not only direct but also indirect effects in respiratory tract causing both bronchoconstriction and alterations in the eicosanoid synthesis in the lungs. This indirect action of histamine let us to reveal discrepancies in asthmatic inflammation between subjects with hypersensitivity to aspirin and tolerating aspirin well.
    Hypersensitivity 2013  1 : 4