Table 4 : Discriminant analysis model with selected
independent variables and results of serum anti-HCV
antibodies test as the dependent variables.

Predictors Coefficient

History of blood transfusion 0.661
History of tattoo or cupping 0.59
Age group 0.456
Past history of jaundice 0.377
History of chronic illness 0.336
Past Surgical History 0.245
Past history of Dentist visit 0.213
Primary Health Care Department 0.203
History of jaundice in the contacts -0.177
Gender 0.166

Note: * Coefficient: Pooled within-groups correlations between
discriminating variables and standardized canonical discriminant

Khaleel et al.Epidemiology Reports  2013 1:1DOI : 10.7243/2054-9911-1-1