Figure 1 : (A) The bone marrow aspirate smear shows a mixture of blasts, monocytes and granulocytes (Wright-Giemsa, x500).

(B) Dysplastic hypogranular neutrophils (left panel, arrow) and dysplastic multinucleated erythroid precursors (right panel, arrow) are present. (C) Immunophenotypic analysis of peripheral blood revealed 24% myeloid blasts (red) that are CD34(+), CD38 (variably +/few -), CD36(few +), CD64(few +), CD15(few +), CD33(variably +), CD16(-), CD56(few +), CD13(+), and HLADR(+), which were admixed with granulocytes (green), 32% monocytes (dark blue) that were aberrantly CD56(partial +) and HLA-DR(predominantly -), and lymphocytes (light blue).

Koduru et al.Hematology and Leukemia  2016 4:1DOI : 10.7243/2052-434X-4-1