Table 7 : Distribution of MELD-XI score in the patients of HF.

  Overall (n=264) No adverse outcomes (n=191) Adverse outcomes [(hospital re-
admission and all-cause death
during 3-month follow up) n=73]
All-cause death during
3-month follow up (n=20)

Mean MELD-XI 10.8 (±2.1; range 6.3-18.8) 9.7 (±0.9; range 6.3-12.4) 13.7 (±1.6; range 10.3-18.8) 15.5 (±1.5; range 13.5-18.8)

In univariate analysis, adjusted R2 was 0.928 (P<0.001) for adverse outcomes and 0.815 (P<0.001) for all-cause death; the distribution of MELD-XI score among
male and female groups were similar (P>0.05).

Shrestha et al.Internal Medicine Inside  2015 3:1DOI : 10.7243/2052-6954-3-1