Figure 2 : Pig lungs with the intact trachea and larynx examined 2 hours after harvesting.

(A). The trachea was intubated and lungs periodically inflated. Immediately after intubation pink frothy fluid appeared in the endotracheal tube (ET). Sonograms (6 MHz curved probe, Flex Focus, BK Medical) were performed in the well aerated apical lobe (sonogram 1) and in spotty yellow and red/ purple portions of the lung (sonograms 2-6). B-macroscopic exam of the cross section of the same lung showed punctate, hemorrhagic “microlesions”. T–position of ultrasound transducers during corresponding sonograms (sonograms 4 and 5).

A. Wojtczak et al.Journal of Anesthesiology and Clinical Science  2013 2:21DOI : 10.7243/2049-9752-2-21