Table 1 : Categories and related criteria considered for the analysis and comparison of dermal
exposure assessment models.

Categories Related Criteria   Categories

General Characteristics Year of development   --
Country of origin   --

Usability Target group   Farms, SME`s, Industry
Guidance   No Guidance, Website showing only the results, Publication showing all the calculations
Knowledge required   No specific knowledge required, Basic knowledge about human exposure assessment required and informatics, Advance knowledge required about human exposure assessment and programming
Reliability   No reliable, Partly reliable because it is not completely validated, Reliable because it has been validated
Outcome   Qualitative, Semi-quantitative, Quantitative

Assessment Evaluated substances   Other substances different from pesticides, Pesticides only, Pesticides and other chemical
Dermal exposure descriptor   Potential, Actual and Potential, Actual
Evaluated body parts   No body parts are evaluated, Some of the body parts are evaluated, All the body parts are evaluated

Lesmes Fabian et al.Journal of Environmental Engineering and Ecological Science  2014 3:1DOI : 10.7243/2050-1323-3-1