Table 3 : Combined effects of Ciprofloxacin and MF against Enterococcus faecalis as determined by Checkerboard method.

Combination ratio* MF ME
  P. aeruginosa P. mirabilis E. faecalis P. eruginosa P. mirabilis E. faecalis
  FIC Index FIC Index FIC Index FIC Index FIC Index FIC Index
10:0 - - - - - -
9:1 1.85c 4.29d 0.94a 0.88a 2.01d 0.98a
8:2 3.46d 7.69d 0.46a 0.84a 15.20d 3.98d
7:3 6.20d 6.69d 3.39d 3.10d 13.55d 1.99c
6:4 5.60d 6.55d 1.59c 0.62a 5.95d 15.97
5:5 10.00d 5.00d 1.50c 2.59d 2.37d 2.00c
4:6 6.80d 8.70d 1.39c 1.10c 4.05d 7.98d
3:7 3.80d 7.15d 5.20d 0.95a 6.45d 0.50a
2:8 3.20d 5.35d 2.39d 0.40a 4.55d 2.01d
1:9 2.60d 5.56d 2.21d 0.65a 1.40c 1.00b

a= Synergism (F<1);
b= Additivity (F=1);
c= Indifference (F>1≤2);
d= Antagonism (F>2);
*combination of Ciprofloxacin:MF or Ciprofloxacin:ME

F. Uzor et al.Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Drug Research  2013 2:16DOI : 10.7243/2050-120X-2-16