Figure 2 : In vivo tumor imaging with POH-Ns. (A) Representative in vivo images after administration of 2 nmol POH-P, POH-I and POH-A. Nude mice carrying SUIT-2 xenografts in both forefeet were imaged at the indicated time points after injection of the probes. (B) The relative fluorescence intensity of the tumor to muscle (T/M ratio). Fluorescence intensities of the SUIT-2 xenografts and the muscle of the hind foot were measured at the indicated time points after each POH-N administration (n = 6). *p < 0.05. (C) Uptake (left panel) and residual (right panel) of POH-Ns in SUIT-2 (n = 3). *p < 0.01.

Kizaka-Kondoh et al.Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Drug Research  2013 2:2DOI : 10.7243/2050-120X-2-2