Figure 2 : 54 years old male CVA patient.

MBSS revealed radiological features denoting neurological swallowing disorder including delay in the oropharyngeal swallowing phase, penetration (orange star-A), with residual barium after swallowing (blue triangle-B) and aspiration (green curved arrow-C). (D). After Vitalstim therapy, follow up MBSS revealed notable improvement in oropharyngeal phase & improvement of basal tongue retraction. However, penetration, aspiration and residual barium within the vallecula after swallowing are still seen (black arrows). (E). In next follow up, MBSS revealed absence of aspiration with fluid and presence of penetration (double black arrows).

Darwish et al.Medical Imaging and Radiology  2017 5:1DOI : 10.7243/2054-1945-5-1