ISSN 2050-0874

Diagnosis of toxoplasmosis in pregnancy: a review

Nilgün Tekkesin

Correspondence: Nilgün Tekkesin niltek@hotmail.com

Author Affiliations :

Memorial Hospital, Biochemistry Laboratory, Ä°stanbul, Turkey

HOAJ BIOLOGY  2012 1:9doi: 10.7243/2050-0874-1-9

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Doi :: 10.1007/s12639-016-0784-3
Article Title :: Seroepidemiology of Toxoplasma gondii infection in pregnant women in west Iran: determined by ELISA and PCR analysis
Journal Title :: Journal of Parasitic Diseases
Author Contributions ::
Gholam Reza Ahmadpour  Behrouz Ezatpour  Ramtin Hadighi  Hormoz Oormazdi  Lame Akhlaghi  Fatemeh Tabatabaei  Mehdi Azami  Mozafar Mohammadi Nejad  Hossein Mahmoudvand  
Volume :: 41    Issue :: 1    Year :: 2017    eISSN :: 0971-7196
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