Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research

Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research

ISSN 2049-7962
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Apoptosis-related single nucleotide polymorphisms and the risk of non-small cell lung cancer in women

Anand Pathak1*, Angela S. Wenzlaff2, Paula L. Hyland3, Michele L. Cote2, Greg R. Keele2, Susan Land4, Matthew L. Boulton5 and Ann G. Schwartz2

*Correspondence: Anand Pathak

1. Clinical Genetics Branch, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, National Cancer Institute, 9609 Medical Center Drive, Rockville, MD, USA.

Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research  2014 3:1doi: 10.7243/2049-7962-3-1

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