Epidemiology Reports

Epidemiology Reports

ISSN 2054-9911
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Prevalence of HBsAg and anti HCV Ab among patients with suspected acute viral hepatitis in baghdad, Iraq in 2010

Hanan Abdulghafoor Khaleel1*, Atallah Mekhlef Turky2, Ahmed Samir Al-Naaimi3, Rasha Waleed Jalil4, Olah A. Mekhlef4, Susan Abdul Kareem4, Nadia Yousif Hasan4 and Azhar Abdulla Dhadain4

*Correspondence: Hanan Abdulghafoor Khaleel hanan_azawy2000@yahoo.com

1. Viral Hepatitis Section, Communicable Disease Control Center, Public Health Directorate, Ministry of Health, Baghdad, Iraq.

Epidemiology Reports  2013 1:1doi: 10.7243/2054-9911-1-1

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