Table 3 : Correlation between anthropometric measurements and biochemical values of
the cases and blood pressure measurements.


BMI r:-0.002 r:0.121 r:0.035 r:0.156 r:-0.095 r:0.048
  p:0.984 p:0.211 p:0.718 p:0.104 p:0.324 p:0.623
TSF r:-0.042 r:0.051 r:-0.046 r:0.077 r:-0.027 r:0.013
  p:0.664 p:0.598 p:0.635 p:0.425 p:0.780 p:0.894
MAC r:-0.032 r:0.057 r:-0.006 r:0.093 r:-0.099 r:0.001
  p:0.741 p:0.553 p:0.951 p:0.337 p:0.304 p:0.991
MAMC r:-0.036 r:0.070 r:-0.005 r:0.103 r:-0.109 r:0.017
  p:0.711 p:0.469 p:0.963 p:0.285 p:0.260 p:0.859
Albumin r:-0.233* r:-0.074 r:-0.217* r:-0.064 r:-0.269* r:-0.101
  p:0.015* p:0.442 p:0.024* p:0.509 p:0.005* p:0.297
Hemoglobin r:-0.134 r:0.000 r:-0.100 r:0.025 r:-0.021 r:-0.047
  p:0.165 p:1.000 p:0.302 p:0.799 p:0.831 p:0.626
Triglyceride r:0.020 r:0.047 r:0.058 r:0.073 r:-0.023 r:0.002
  p:0.835 p:0.624 p:0.551 p:0.450 p:0.809 p:0.984
Cholesterol r: 0.071 r:0.221* r:0.089 r:0.214* r:0.021 r:0.154
  p:0.466 p:0.021* p:0.359 p:0.025* p:0.827 p:0.110
Essential aminoacid r:-0.334 r:-0.162 r:-0.299 r:-.0146 r:-0.338 r:-0.197
  p:0.000 p:0.092 p:0.002 p:0.129 p:0.000 p:0.040
Non-essential aminoacid r:-0.260 r:-0.083 r:-0.214 r:-0.054 r:-0.311 r:-0.193
  p:0.006 p:0.393 p:0.025 p:0.578 p:0.001 p:0.045
BCCA r:-0.305 r:-0.154 r:-0.282 r:-0.149 r:-0.299 r:-0.169
  p:0.001 p:0.110 p:0.003 p:0.122 p:0.002 p:0.078


Inci et al.Clinical Nephrology and Urology Science  2015 2:1DOI : 10.7243/2054-7161-2-1