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Nurses’ role in medical prescription: Systematic review

Taghrid Chaaban, Mathieu Ahouah, Wissam Nasser, Wafaa Hijazi, Pierre Lombrail, Jean-Manuel Morvillers, Monique Rothan-Tondeur
Journal of Nursing 5: 2
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Can humanoid nurse robots replace human nurses?

Rozzano C Locsin, Hirokazu Ito
Journal of Nursing 5: 1
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A critical systematic review and synopsis of the alignment of scientific developments in surveillance technology in nursing care facilities

Patrick Fehling, Theo Dassen
Journal of Nursing 4: 1
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Nurse managers' visions of future challenges in health care organizations

Reetta Saarnio, Marjo Suhonen, Arja Isola
Journal of Nursing 3: 2
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The work done in healthcare projects

Tiina Pohjola, Marjo Suhonen, Kimmo Mattila, Riitta Meretoja
Journal of Nursing 3: 1
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The experience of cognitive impairment in critically ill patients in and beyond intensive care: findings from a larger phenomenological study

Agness C Tembo
Journal of Nursing 2: 1
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Web-based evidence based practice educational intervention to improve EBP competence among BSN-prepared pediatric bedside nurses: a mixed methods pilot study

Natasha Laibhen-Parkes, Susan Codone
Journal of Nursing 1: 2
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Workplace beliefs about luck among taiwanese nurses

Fang-Yi Lin, Hung-Ru Lin, Tzu-Ying Lee
Journal of Nursing 1: 1