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Identification of fatty acid profile, lipid characterization and nutritional status of Clarias batrachus

Rafiquel Islam1*, Liton Kumar Mondol1, Liton Sheikh1, Sk. Shahinur Rahman2, Mominul Islam2 and Atiqur Rahman1

*Correspondence: Rafiquel Islam

1. Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh.

Author Affiliations

2. Department of Applied Nutrition and Food Technology, Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh.


The present study was carried out to characterize the lipids isolated from Clarias batrachus and to analyze the nutrient contents of these fishes. The specific gravity (0.87 at 30°C), refractive index (5.19 at 30°C), co-efficient of viscosity (448.26) were measured. Besides, the quantitative analysis of acid value (1.93), percent of free fatty acids (0.97%), saponification value (179.88), saponification equivalent (311.87), iodine value (53.93), peroxide value (43.63), ester value (177.95), unsaponificable matter (1.96%), acetyl value (16.09), reichert-meissel value (3.13), cholesterol (15.46%) were evaluated. Likewise, carbohydrate, protein and lipids were 6.26, 14.14 and 6.91% respectively. Moisture contents were 78% but ashes were (0.1%). Further, the mineral studied as calcium, phosphorus and C. batrachus was identified as lauric acid (2.6%), palmitic acid (37.41%), oleic acid (49.1%) and stearic acid (3.6%) arachidic acid (3.04%) and behanic acid (4.21%) respectively.

Keywords: Clarias batrachus, lipids, fatty acids, nutrients

ISSN 2054-1848
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