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Oral Biology and Dentistry  concentrate on the advancements in the fields of dentistry and oral cavity at a broad spectrum. The journal also covers basic and clinical research areas including epidemiology, behavioural sciences related to dentistry, View More...
Original ResearchOpen Access

A retrospective study of root apices closure of permanent incisors and first molars in Tanzanian children’s digital Orthopantomographs

Twalha Hamisi Mituro, Emeria Abella Mugonzibwa, Febronia Kokulengya Kahabuka
Oral Biology and Dentistry 6 : 1

Original ResearchOpen Access

Direct medication delivery modifies the periodontal biofilm

Duane C Keller, Marissa Buechel
Oral Biology and Dentistry 5 : 1

Original ResearchOpen Access

Current status of awareness, knowledge and attitude of dentists in palestine towards cone beam computed tomography: A survey

Emad Qirresh, Hakam Rabi, Tarek Rabi
Oral Biology and Dentistry 4 : 1

Original ResearchOpen Access

The oral health related quality of life in different groups of senior citizens as measured by the OHIP-14 questionnaire

William Papaioannou, Constantine J Oulis, John Yfantopoulos
Oral Biology and Dentistry 3 : 1

Original ResearchOpen Access

Analysis of parental factors and parent-child communication with pediatric patients referred for nitrous oxide administration in a rural community health center setting

Sean G Boynes, Mohammad Abdulwahab, Elizabeth Kershner, Felisha Mickens, Amah Riley
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2 : 10

Original ResearchOpen Access

The survival of zirconia based crowns (Lava™) in the management of severe anterior tooth wear up to 7-years follow-up

Alex Milosevic
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2 : 9

Original ResearchOpen Access

Condylar positions generated by five centric relation recording techniques

Adam L Swenson, Larry J Oesterle, W Craig Shellhart, Sheldon M Newman, Gerald Minick
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2 : 8

Original ResearchOpen Access

Is dental extraction a risk factor for contracting HCV infection: Abs, RNA and genotype detection

Waqar Al-Kubaisy, Redhwan A. Al-Naggar, Nik Shamsidah Nik Ibrahim, Yuri V. Bobryshev, Mustafa Waseem Al-Kubaisy
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2 : 7

Original ResearchOpen Access

A review of knowledge, diagnosis and treatment of halitosis among nigerian dentists- a pilot study

Richard Ayodeji Adewole, Olutola Mary Eweka, Gbemisola Adewunmi Agbelusi
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2 : 6

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Dr. Thimios A. Mitsiadis
is a DDS and professor in Medical Faculty at University of Zurich, Switzerland since 2006. He is a visiting professor of Second University of Naples (SUN), Italy. He conducts research in the fields of stem cells, genetics and molecular biology related to craniofacial developmental processes.

Senior Editor

Dr. Roland Frankenberger
presently working as a professor in University Hospital Giessen and Marburg, Germany. His research interest areas include resin composites, adhesives, ceramics, caries, endodontics, biomaterials and clinical trials.

Dr. Tomas Albrektsson
working as a professor, Department of Biomaterials, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. His areas of research include clinical results of oral implants, marginal bone loss and implant Surface characteristics.

Dr. Cornelis H. Pameijer
working as a professor, Department of Reconstructive Sciences, University of Connecticut, USA. His research interest areas include implant dentistry, bone grafts and related treatments, restorative dentistry and endodontics, dental materials and esthetic dentistry.

Dr. Paul Batchelor
presently working as a professor in Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College London, UK. His research interest areas include health policy, workforce. delivery systems, epidemiology and dental caries.

Dr. Mutlu Özcan
working as a professor and Head of Dental Materials Unit, University of Zurich, Dental School, Switzerland. Her research areas include adhesion, adhesive dentistry, surface conditioning methods, clinical trials and dental biomaterials.

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Orofacial lesions, Oral microbiology, Dental implants, Oral physiology and pathology, Dental caries, Gums and Dental materials, Dental germs and plaques, Periodontics and Endodontics, Orthodontics, Oral andmaxillofacial surgery Paediatric dentistry, Cosmetic dentistry, General and laser dentistry, Sedation dentistry, Oral and dental diseases, Salivary gland diseases, Dental stem cells, Prevention and treatment of oral diseases, Oral hygiene and dental care, Dental instrumentation.