Table 2 : Interventions implemented during every training session throughout the 5-week program.

Warm up (standing) (5 minutes)  
Marching in place
Side Stepping
Leg Kicks
Knees to chest
Scapular retraction
Forward/Backward Stepping
Shoulder press

Stretching (seated and standing) (10 minutes) Cervical Rotation
Cervical Lateral Flexion
Seated Trunk Rotation
Seated Hamstring/Calf
Shoulder Posterior Capsule
Standing Calf
Standing IT Band
Standing Lateral Trunk Flexion

Lower Extremity Strengthening (seated and standing)
(10 minutes) Cuff weights
Seated Knee Extension
Seated Hip Flexion
Standing Knee Flexion
Standing Hip Abduction
Standing Hip Flexion
Standing Hip Extension
Unilateral Heel Raises
Sit to Stand
Sumo Squats
Chair Squats

Core Strengthening (seated and standing) (5 minutes) Chair Sit Ups
PNF Chops and Lifts

Upper Extremity (seated) Strengthening (5 minutes)
Using dumbbell and exercise bands
Biceps Curls
Triceps Extension
Overhead Press
Internal/External Rotation
Upper Extremity PNF (D2)

Balance (standing) (5 minutes) Single Leg Balance
Tandem Stance
Dynamic Single Leg Balance
Dynamic Stepping with Cues

Cool Down (seated) (5 minutes) Seated Marches
Seated Knee Kicks
Seated Hip Abduction/Adduction
Seated Ankle Pumps

Maritz et al.Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation  2017 4:16DOI : 10.7243/2055-2386-4-16