ReviewOpen Access

Therapeutic heat and cold in cardiac rehabilitation

Riadh Habash, Mara Habash, Michelle El-Hage
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 2017 4: 11 (14 October 2017)
ReviewOpen Access

Biomechanical parameters for gait analysis: a systematic review of healthy human gait

Mary Roberts, David Mongeon, Francois Prince
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 2017 4: 6 (16 August 2017)
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Lumbopelvic rhythm during trunk motion in the sagittal plane: A review of the kinematic measurement methods and characterization approaches

Milad Vazirian, Linda Van Dillen, Babak Bazrgari
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 2016 3: 5 (14 June 2016)
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Post-surgical scar assessment in rehabilitation: a systematic review

Giorgio Ferriero, Silvia Di Carlo, Alexandre Ferriero, Ludovit Salgovic, Elisabetta Bravini, Francesco Sartorio, Stefano Vercelli
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 2015 2: 2 (16 April 2015)