Figure 5 : T-scores of six sub-scales of POMS in each group.

Closed square: scores in subjects with gastrointestinal symptoms (GI subjects), open circle: scores in controls. Significant group (GI subjects and control)×time course (pre- and post-stimuli) interactions were shown only in T-A (F(1,18)=4.981, p=0.0386) as indicated by asterisks. T-A: Tension-Anxiety; D: Depression-Dejection; A-H: Anger-Hostility; V: Vigor; F: Fatigue; C: Confusion; *denotes p<0.05, revealed by t-test.

Sokichi Sakuragi Journal of Psychiatry and Brain Functions  2015 2:5DOI : 10.7243/2055-3447-2-5