Figure 4 : (a,b) Comparison of the effects of ethanol alone, NMDA alone and combined NMDA+ethanol perfusion on the amplitude of the ERG waves.

The symbols used for the different groups are shown in the legend. (c) Comparison of the pure effects of ethanol obtained without pretreatment of the eyecups with NMDA (EtOH vs R) and with their pretreatment with NMDA (EtOH+NMDA vs NMDA). Each point on the curves is obtained by subtracting the d-wave amplitude at that moment from the value measured just before the ethanol application (10th minute for ethanol group and 13th minute for NMDA+EtOH group). All amplitudes are normalized as in (a,b). The moment of ethanol application (zero point on the abscissa) is denoted by an arrow. (d) Original ERG records (b- and d-wave), obtained in an experiment where the eyecup was perfused first with ethanol and with combined NMDA+ethanol afterwards. Calibration: time –0.2 s; amplitude –50 μV.

Popova et al.Journal of Psychiatry and Brain Functions  2015 2:6DOI : 10.7243/2055-3447-2-6