ReviewOpen Access
Jewish decisions about childhood vaccinations: The unification of medicine with religion
Akiva Turner
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Case reportOpen Access
Refractory cutaneous polyarteritis nodosa with threat of loss of feet: successful treatment with rituximab
Julie E Stephan, David A Minna
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ReviewOpen Access
Phytochemicals mediated signalling pathways and their implications in cancer chemotherapy: Challenges and opportunities in phytochemicals based drug development: A review
Vivek Kumar Gupta, Reetika Singh, Bechan Sharma
Biochemical Compounds 5 : 2

Original ResearchOpen Access
Pathological and clinical findings in a series of 22 cases of medullary carcinoma of the thyroidat the korle-bu teaching hospital (1994-2013)
Edmund Muonir Der
Pathology Discovery 5 : 1

Case reportOpen Access
Q-T prolongation secondary to methadone use for severe and resistant restless legs syndrome
Saif Mashaqi
Neuroscience Discovery 5 : 1

Short reportOpen Access
Accuracy of ultrasound scan guided needle biopsy in preoperative diagnosis of metastatic axillary lymphadenopathy in patients with breast cancer
Mohsen M El Gammal, Chin Ng, Amrita Kumar, Margaret Moorland, Razan Gardy, Richard Sainsbury
Breast Cancer Reports 4 : 1

Case reportOpen Access
Long standing exophytic conjunctival papilloma infected with human papillomavirus
Anvesh Annadanam, M. Adelita Vizcaino, Charles George Eberhart, Gibran S Khurshid, Praveena Gupta
Journal of Eye and Ophthalmology 4 : 1

Original ResearchOpen Access
Poly-L-lysine-coated nanoparticles are ineffective in inducing mucosal immunity against group a streptococcus
Nirmal Marasini, Ashwini Kumar Giddam, Michael R Batzloff, Michael F Good, Mariusz Skwarczynski, Istvan Toth
Biochemical Compounds 5 : 1

Original ResearchOpen Access
A hospital based prospective survey of perinatal depression in Chinese women of Jiamusi city
Palikhe Bishnu, Tong Li Bo, Khatri Kalu Singh, Pariyar Jewan, Song Shi Qun, Piao Ying Lan, He Jian, Xing Tian Rong
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Direct medication delivery modifies the periodontal biofilm
Duane C Keller, Marissa Buechel
Oral Biology and Dentistry 5 : 1