Original ResearchOpen Access
The value of individual variables of BODE index and GOLD spirometry in stratifying the severity of COPD
Wondu Reta, Samuel Tadessa, Elsah Tegene
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Effect of deep cervical flexors training on neck proprioception, pain, muscle strength and dizziness in patients with cervical spondylosis: A randomized controlled trial
Marwa Shafiek Mustafa Saleh, Nagwa Ibrahim Rehab, Moussa Abdel Fattah Sharaf
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Case reportOpen Access
Fatal myocardial infarction due to rituximab in the treatment of IgG4 related disease-another case, tip of the iceberg?
James A Charles, Richard Righthand, Paul Avenoso
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Effect of age on dynamic walking balance in a healthy population between the ages of 20 and 80 years
Marc Robertson, Robert Gregory
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 5 : 13

Original ResearchOpen Access
The impact of the Walk With Ease program on lower extremity strength and ambulation in individuals with osteoarthritis
Justin T Mierzwicki, Tyler A Good, Derrick C Reed, Collin D Greer
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Using a learning log to support students understanding and engagement within a research module
Marie Kerin, Owen Doody
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Response of pregnancy related functional constipation to acupressure in postpartum women
Marwa Abd-El Rahman, Azza Barmoud Nashed, Mona Mohamed Taha, Amir A Gabr
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 5 : 11

Original ResearchOpen Access
Assessing the efficacy of novel oral anticoagulants after acute coronary syndrome
Hamza Mohamed QabiL, Ahmed Mohamed Ramzy, Mahmoud Shawky  Abdelmoneum, Khedr Ahmed Abd Elfattah
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Original ResearchOpen Access
The protective role of green tea and garlic against the eryptosis induced by aging in albino rats
Gamal H El-Sokkary, Al Shaimaa A. I Alghriany, Mona M Atia
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Immediate effects of physical therapy on postural instability and frontal lobe dysfunction, as indicated by Frontal Assessment Battery score, in Parkinson’s disease
Makoto Sohmiya, Naoki Wada, Koichi Okamoto, Kenji Shirakura
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 5 : 10