Short reportOpen Access
Immunohistochemical staining of lipid droplets with adipophilin in paraffin-embedded glioma tissue identifies an association between lipid droplets and tumour grade
Sarah Kohe, Isabel Colmenero, Carmel McConville, Andrew Peet
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ReviewOpen Access
Addressing the glycan complexity by using mass spectrometry: In the pursuit of decoding glycologic
Yoshimi Kanie, Osamu Kanie
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ReviewOpen Access
Orbital IgG4-associated diseases
Martina Zavorkova, Josef Richter, Vaclav Vetvicka, Ivana Liehnova
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Case study with natural substances on the various options to identify and categorise endocrine disruptors
Ulrike Schuhmacher-Wolz, Jens-Uwe Voss, Klaus Schneider
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Original ResearchOpen Access
An alternative method that reduces homologous blood use In open heart surgery; cell saver
Melike Elif Teker, İ. Bayer Cınar
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Effect of crude latex from Euphorbia tirucalli on DMBA-induced carcinogenesis
Poliana Ribeiro Barroso, Flaviana Dornela Verli, Ricardo Lopes Rocha, Nadia Lages Lima, Bethania Alves de Avelar, Gustavo Eustaquio Brito Alvim de Melo
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ReviewOpen Access
Endometriosis and assisted reproduction
Milena Kralickova, Vaclav Vetvicka
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Original ResearchOpen Access
The intellectual profiles of high functioning elderly persons with an autism spectrum disorder
Annelies A Spek, Loes M Ham, Frederique E.M Geven
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Evaluation of tensile, flexural and Impact strength of natural and glass fiber reinforced hybrid composites
Ashik K P, Ramesh S Sharma, Subhash Patil
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Original ResearchOpen Access
The cytogenetic effect of Euphorbia tirucalli stems methanolic extract on sperm head morphology in male albino mice
Reyam jameel Al-Shaikhli, Abbas Abdullah Al-Janabi