Original ResearchOpen Access
Bioanalytical method development and validation of HPLCUV assay for the quantification of SHetA2 in mouse and human plasma: Application to pharmacokinetics study
Ankur Sharma, Elangovan Thavathiru, Doris Mangiaracina Benbrook, Sukyung Woo
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MethodologyOpen Access
Sudan Black B masks Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis immunofluorescent antibody labeling
Caitlin J Jenvey, Judith R Stabel
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ReviewOpen Access
Therapeutic heat and cold in cardiac rehabilitation
Riadh Habash, Mara Habash, Michelle El-Hage
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Mechanical properties of water alter temporal parameters of human walking
Yoichiro Sato, Kenichi Murakami, Hiroyuki Fujisawa
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Protective effect of silymarin on the testes of rats treated with anabolic androgenic steroid: A biochemical, histological, histochemical and immunohistochemical study
Hala M El-hanbuli, Ahmed F Abo-sief, Taymour Mostafa
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Original ResearchOpen Access
A statistical method for assessing agreement between two methods of heteroscedastic clinical measurements using the copula method
Kesawan Ramesh Aravind, Lakshika S Nawarathna
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ReviewOpen Access
Prosthetic Aortic Heart Valves
Hadi Mohammadi, Guy Fradet
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Versager is expressed at the histone-to-protamine transition during spermiogenesis and is required for embryonic chromosome transmission in Drosophila melanogaster
Andrea M Binder, Barbara T Wakimoto, Claire Davis, Jeffrey Chmielewski, John E. Tomkiel Dean
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Histopathological changes in the liver and thyroid of mice (Mus musculus) caused by the acaricides: fipronil and thymol
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Measurement of knee articulation laxity by videofluoroscopy image analysis: CINARTRO
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Medical Imaging and Radiology 5 : 4