Original ResearchOpen Access
A randomized comparison of supervised clinical exercise versus a home exercise program in patients with chronic low back pain
Tarek Ammar
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Biomechanical parameters for gait analysis: a systematic review of healthy human gait
Mary Roberts, David Mongeon, Francois Prince
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Effect of muscle energy technique in treating post-partum coccydynia: A randomized control trial
Heba Embaby, Salwa Elgendy, Marwa Esmael Hasanin
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Acute and chronic changes in massive barium sulfate aspiration in an infant who subsequently was diagnosed with severe gastro-esophageal reflux
Umit Gultekin, Sevgi Pekcan, Necdet Poyraz
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Can genetic research motivate parents to pursue genomic testing for children with autism spectrum disorder?
Augustus E Floyd, Lei Xu
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Original ResearchOpen Access
The blood pressure response to foot reflexology adjunct to transcendental meditation training on postmenopausal hypertension
Ghada Ebrahim El-Refaye, Hany Farid Eid Morsy Elsisi
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of biological samples from non-metastatic breast cancer patients
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Examining the association between C-Reactive protein and obesity by using the fractional polynomial approach; applying on NHANES dataset from 2001 to 2010
Ghada Abo-Zaid, Karyn Morrissey
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Original ResearchOpen Access
EMMPRIN (CD147) as a potential predictor of oral squamous cell carcinoma progression: A study from Pakistan
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Histopathological alterations in kidney and liver of Clarias gariepinus (burchell, 1822) studied in river galma, Nigeria
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