Original ResearchOpen Access
Assessing the efficacy of novel oral anticoagulants after acute coronary syndrome
Hamza Mohamed QabiL, Ahmed Mohamed Ramzy, Mahmoud Shawky  Abdelmoneum, Khedr Ahmed Abd Elfattah
Cardiovascular System 6 : 2

Original ResearchOpen Access
The protective role of green tea and garlic against the eryptosis induced by aging in albino rats
Gamal H El-Sokkary, Al Shaimaa A. I Alghriany, Mona M Atia
Journal of Histology & Histopathology 5 : 9

Original ResearchOpen Access
Immediate effects of physical therapy on postural instability and frontal lobe dysfunction, as indicated by Frontal Assessment Battery score, in Parkinson’s disease
Makoto Sohmiya, Naoki Wada, Koichi Okamoto, Kenji Shirakura
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 5 : 10

Original ResearchOpen Access
IgG4-Related orbital disease in patients with diabetic retinopathy: Effects of glucan and vitamin D supplementation
Richter Josef, Závorková Martina, Vetvicka Vaclav, Král Vlastimil, Stiborova Ivana, Liehneová Ivana, Pohořská Jitka, Rajnohova Dobiasova Lucie
Pathology Discovery 6 : 1

Original ResearchOpen Access
Performance of epidemiologists using CAST instrument after online training
Ana L. de Souza Hilgert, Wil JM van der Sanden, Ewald M Bronkhorst, Soraya C Leal, Jo E Frencken
Oral Biology and Dentistry 4 : 2

Original ResearchOpen Access
Correlation of periodontal pathogens in concurrent endodontic-periodontal diseases
Amela Lačević, Federico Foschi, Lejla Pojskić, Naris Pojskić, Kasim Bajrović, Jacques Izard
Oral Biology and Dentistry 3 : 5

ReviewOpen Access
Wear mechanisms and wear investigations of dental materials; a review of the literature
Gadeer E. Mukatash Nimri
Oral Biology and Dentistry 3 : 4

MethodologyOpen Access
Histological preparation of teeth and tooth growth
Raymond A Williamson
Oral Biology and Dentistry 3 : 3

Original ResearchOpen Access
Effect of tetracycline HCL (periodontal plus AB) on Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans levels in chronic periodontitis
Sneha Kataria, Kabbur Thippanna Chandrashekar, Rohit Mishra, Vandana Tripathi, Ankit Galav, Upasana Sthapak
Oral Biology and Dentistry 3 : 2

Case reportOpen Access
Orthodontic movement of a maxillary central incisor across the midline: a case report
Kiyong An, Dong-Soon Choi, Insan Jang, Bong-Kuen Cha
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2 : 13