Original ResearchOpen Access
Influence of low level laser therapy versus pulsed electromagnetic field on diabetic peripheral neuropathy
Rabab A Mohamed, Ghada A Abdallah, Heba A Abdeen, Ayman A Nassif
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 4 : 17

Original ResearchOpen Access
Agreement between Self-Reports and Medical Records in the Reporting of Pregnancy Outcomes in Women with Type 1 Diabetes
Andrea Rodgers Fischl, Denise Charron-Prochownik, Dorothy Becker, William H Herman, Laura McEwen, Corinne M Plesko, Frances Peterson-Burch, Susan M Sereika
Research Journal of Women's Health 4 : 6

Original ResearchOpen Access
WWR: An R package for analyzing prioritized outcomes
Junshan Qiu, Xiaodong Luo, Steven Bai, Hong Tian, Mike Mikailov
Journal of Medical Statistics and Informatics 5 : 4

Original ResearchOpen Access
Determinants of health care decision making autonomy among mothers of children under five years in Ghana: analysis of 2014 Ghana demographic and health survey
Henry Ofori Duah, Isaac Adisah-Atta
Research Journal of Women's Health 4 : 5

Case reportOpen Access
The first reported case of epithelioid haemangioma arising from the pleura
Jessica Sharp, Udo Abah, Richard Daly, Eveline Internullo
Journal of Histology & Histopathology 4 : 15

Case reportOpen Access
A case of benign cystic mesothelioma arising from the lesser omentum in a 13-year-old girl treated through a laparoscope excision
Kenji Niwa, Ryu-ichiro Yano, Yoko Ueda, Motoki Takenaka, Sakae Mori, Yoshio Yamaguchi, Tsuneo Ishihara, Takuji Tanaka
Pathology Discovery 5 : 5

ReviewOpen Access
A critical systematic review and synopsis of the alignment of scientific developments in surveillance technology in nursing care facilities
Patrick Fehling, Theo Dassen
Journal of Nursing 4 : 1

Original ResearchOpen Access
The effect of a 5-week group-based exercise program on strength, balance, mobility, and gait in the older adult population: A pilot study
Shreena Chopra, Christine Dougherty, Mallory Johnston, Gina Curran, Carol A Maritz
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 4 : 16

MethodologyOpen Access
Immunohistochemical identification of stent-based ablation lesions in the superior vena cava and pulmonary veins
Tim Vandecasteele, Stijn Schauvliege, Tim Boussy, Matthew Philpott, Eli Clement, Lisse Vera, Pieter Cornillie, Ward De Spiegelaere, Glenn Van Langenhove, Gunther van Loon, Wim Van den Broeck
Journal of Histology & Histopathology 4 : 14

Original ResearchOpen Access
The effect of physiotherapeutic intervention on the static balance of elderly for secondary prevention of falls
Iakovidis T Paris, Markopoulos Nikolaos, Kottaras Stavros, Mavromoustakos Savvas, Apostolou Thomas, Kallistratos Ilias, Takidis Ioannis
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 4 : 15