Case reportOpen Access
Primary isolated bone marrow diffuse large B-cell lymphoma with the initial presentation as severe thrombocytopenia, successfully treated with chemotherapy: a case report and review of the literature
Hiroko Nishida, Masao Hori, Katsuyuki Obara
Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research 1 : 28

Original ResearchOpen Access
Prognostic Factors after Curative Resection of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma: a Retrospective Study
Ilze Strumfa, Zane Simtniece, Arnis Abolins, Andrejs Vanags, Janis Gardovskis
Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research 1 : 27

Original ResearchOpen Access
The optimization of transfection in MCF-7 cells combining ultrasound irradiation with contrast agent and polyethyleneimine
Zhi-Yi Chen, Ri-Xiang Qiu, Xiao-Fang Sun, Kun Liang, Jin-Shan Zhang, Yan Lin, Feng Yang
Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research 1 : 26

Original ResearchOpen Access
Adult patients hospitalised for inaugural diabetes in Bordeaux during 1996-1997 and 2008-2009: a changing scene
Sophie Salandini, Vincent Rigalleau, Concepcion Gonzalez, Christelle Raffaitin, Agnès Georges, Jean-Benoit Corcuff, Henri Gin
Journal of Diabetes Research and Clinical Metabolism 1 : 12

Original ResearchOpen Access
In vitro investigation of the antiproliferative and proapoptotic effects of hyperatomarin – a bicyclic prenylated acylphloroglucinol from Hypericum annulatum Moris subsp. annulatum against human tumor and endothelial cells
Georgi Momekov, Sefedin Biljali, Paraskev Nedialkov, Dimitrina Zheleva-Dimitrova, Gerassim Kitanov, Denitsa Momekova, Nikolay Stoyanov, Margarita Guenova, Antoaneta Michova, Margarita Karaivanova
Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Drug Research 1 : 6

Short reportOpen Access
Reconstructability of Epistatic Functions
Martin Zwick, Joe Fusion, Beth Wilmot
Journal of Molecular Engineering and Systems Biology 1 : 4

Original ResearchOpen Access
5-androstene 3β,17α diol induces autophagic cell death of human breast cancer cells and enhances radiation cytotoxicity
Roger Loria, Martin Graf, Jia Wentao, Tiffany Powell
Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research 1 : 25

Original ResearchOpen Access
An Engraftable Human Embryonic Stem Cell Neuronal Lineage-Specific Derivative Retains Embryonic Chromatin Plasticity for Scale-Up CNS Regeneration
Xuejun Parsons
Journal of Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering 1 : 3

Original ResearchOpen Access
Characterization of natural antisense transcripts expressed from interleukin 1β-inducible genes in rat hepatocytes
Emi  Yoshigai, Takafumi Hara, Tetsuya Okuyama, Tadayoshi Okumura, Masaki Kaibori, A Kwon, Mikio Nishizawa

Original ResearchOpen Access
Applicability of Pharmaceutical Care in endocrine clinic of Hospital Penang, Malaysia
syed Gillani, Syed Sulaiman, Suzana Victor, Yelly Sari, Siti Maisharah, Sabariah Haroon, Nur Hanafiah
Journal of Diabetes Research and Clinical Metabolism 1 : 11