Table 1 : Level of awareness and perception of visible parasites by local meat handlers.

Parasites Predilection site(s) Animal involved Local name Knowledge of
Risk Perception

Fasciola gigantica Liver, Bile duct Ruminants Ipepe Low
Paramphistomum cervi Rumen Ruminants Kokoro-wini Low
Dicrocoelium hospes Bile ducts Cattle NR Very low
Dicrocoelium dendriticum Bile ducts Ruminants NR Very low
Moniezia expansa Small intestine Sheep and Goat Tape rule Very low
Moniezia benedeni Small intestine Cattle Tape rule Very low
Haemonchus placei Abomasum Cattle Tanwunji Very low
Haemonchus contortus Abomasum Sheep and Goat Tanwunji Very low
Ascaris vitulorum Small intestine Sheep Ekolo Very low
Trichuris ovis Caecum Sheep NR Very low
Trichuris globulosa Caecum Cattle NR Very low
Dictyocaulus filarial Bronchi Sheep and Goat NR Very low
Dictyocaulus viviparous Bronchi Cattle NR Very low
Strongyloides papillosus Large intestine Cattle Owu Very low

NR: Not recognized

Odeniran et al.Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences  2016 4:1DOI : 10.7243/2054-3425-4-1