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Journal of Allergy and Asthma highlights allergic reaction that is a hypersensitivity reaction to allergens by the immune system. The scope of the journal also focuses on the spectrum of diseases View More...
Case reportOpen Access

The Forgotten “Weed” Allergy: A Case Report of Fresh-Food Skin Prick Testing as a Model for Evaluating Allergy in a Patient with Cannabis-Induced Urticaria

William Keefe, Justin Chin, Mary Lee-Wong
Journal of Allergy and Asthma  7: 1

Original ResearchOpen Access

Relationship between cysteinyl leukotrienes and nitric oxide in the pathogenesis of asthma in obesity

Michael J Coffey, Barbara Torretti , Alan Baptist
Journal of Allergy and Asthma  4: 1

HypothesisOpen Access

Exposure to excessive oral vitamin D in youth: a risk factor for celiac disease in later life?

Seth Bittker
Journal of Allergy and Asthma  2: 2

Case reportOpen Access

Suspected food allergy responding to fluconazole?

Alexander Salava, Antti Lauerma, Paula Kauppi
Journal of Allergy and Asthma  2: 1

Original ResearchOpen Access

The spatial epidemiology of asthma: a chronic non-communicable disease and a neglected epidemic

Mungrue Kameel, Sanford Steve
Journal of Allergy and Asthma  1: 2

Original ResearchOpen Access

The awareness of anaphylaxis reaction to local anesthesia in Dentistry

Nahid Eskandari, Mehrnoush Nekourad, Reza Bastan
Journal of Allergy and Asthma  1: 1

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Allergens, Hypersensitivity, Allergic Rhinitis, Tobacco smoke, Pollution, Strong odours, Drug sensitivity, Stress and emotional anxiety, Pollen season, Allergy Medication, Asthma, Food preservatives, Pulmonary diseases, Atopic dermatitis, Rhino conjunctivitis, Rhino sinusitis, Urticaria.