Original Research | Biological Sciences Open Access

Histopathological alterations in kidney and liver of Clarias gariepinus (burchell, 1822) studied in river galma, Nigeria

Patrick Ozovehe Samuel, John Ameh Adakole, Bolanle Suleiman
Applied Scientific Reports2017 4: 1 (21 July 2017)
Original Research | Environmental Sciences Open Access

Association between air temperature and deaths due to cancer and heart disease in Alabama

John Hart
Applied Scientific Reports2015 2: 1 (17 February 2015)
Original Research | Biological Sciences Open Access

Comparison of immunological effects of commercially available β-glucans

Vaclav Vetvicka, Jana Vetvickova
Applied Scientific Reports2014 1: 2 (23 August 2014)
Original ResearchOpen Access

Stimulation of human monocytic cells by the medicinal mushroom Agaricus blazei Murill induces expression of cell surface markers associated with activation and antigen presentation

Jon-Magnus Tangen, Tryggestad AMA, Hetland G
Applied Scientific Reports2014 1: 1 (29 January 2014)

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