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Journal of Autism  focuses on the psychopathologies in childhood like autism spectrum disorders (ASD) which covers a broad range of empirical studies on basic genetic neurological mechanisms and influence in the development process including behavioral, biological, and educational View More...
ReviewOpen Access

The difficulties that people with autism spectrum disorder encounter in different social settings

khalid Almahrag
Journal of Autism 8: 2

Original ResearchOpen Access

Measuring the Effects of Physical Exercise On Stereotypic Behaviors in Autism:Using Hierarchical Linear Model

Christopher W. Tarr, Karen Larwin, Ashlea Rineer-Hershey
Journal of Autism 8: 1

Original ResearchOpen Access

Weak Central Coherence Contributes to Social Perceptual Deficits in autism

M.D Rutherford, Nidhi Trivedi, Patrick J Bennett, Allison B Sekuler
Journal of Autism 7: 2

Original ResearchOpen Access

Changing Lifestyle Improves Executive Functions and Associated Neurophysiological Activity in Children with Autism

Agnes S Chan, Sophia L Sze
Journal of Autism 7: 1

ReviewOpen Access

The Ingredients of Effective Social Skills Programming for Children and Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum: A Synthesis of Meta-Analytical Research

Scott Bellini, Olivia Heck
Journal of Autism 6: 3

Original ResearchOpen Access

The View on the Sexual Education of People with Autism in Modern Greek Society

Nikos Αpteslis
Journal of Autism 6: 2

HypothesisOpen Access

Does a Computer-Assisted language training program improve social conversational skills in Autism spectrum disorder?

Lawrence Welkowitz
Journal of Autism 6: 1

Original ResearchOpen Access

Quality of life in autism spectrum disorder

Mandy Roy, Wolfgang Dillo
Journal of Autism 5: 2

ReviewOpen Access

Risk and protective factors for the health of primary care-givers of children with autism spectrum disorders or intellectual disability: a narrative review

Jenny Fairthorne, Yuka Mori, Helen Leonard
Journal of Autism 5: 1

Original ResearchOpen Access

Can genetic research motivate parents to pursue genomic testing for children with autism spectrum disorder?

Augustus E Floyd, Lei Xu
Journal of Autism 4: 4

Original ResearchOpen Access

The intellectual profiles of high functioning elderly persons with an autism spectrum disorder

Annelies A Spek, Loes M Ham, Frederique E.M Geven
Journal of Autism 4: 3

Original ResearchOpen Access

On the Asperger experience of interaction: Interpersonal dynamics in dyadic conversations

Melisa Stevanovic, Pentti Henttonen, Sonja Koski, Mikko Kahri, Liisa Voutilainen, Emmi Koskinen, Taina Nieminen-von Wendt, Pekka Tani, Elina Sihvola, Anssi Perakyla
Journal of Autism 4: 2

Original ResearchOpen Access

Asperger syndrome and partnership

Mandy Roy, Wolfgang Dillo
Journal of Autism 4: 1

HypothesisOpen Access

Antioxidant sulfur compounds: potential therapies for autism?

Seth Bittker
Journal of Autism 3: 3

Original ResearchOpen Access

In the eye of the beholder-rating of facial attractiveness in adult asperger syndrome

Mandy Roy, Wolfgang Dillo, Lasse Osterhagen
Journal of Autism 3: 2

ReviewOpen Access

Is there a link between autism and glyphosate-formulated herbicides?

James E Beecham, Stephanie Seneff
Journal of Autism 3: 1

ReviewOpen Access

The relationship between maternal psychiatric disorder, autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disability in the child: a composite picture

Jenny Fairthorne, Nick de Klerk, Helen Leonard
Journal of Autism 2: 2

Original ResearchOpen Access

Oral vitamin D, infants, toddlers, and autism in the United States: 1980 to 2010

Seth Bittker
Journal of Autism 2: 1

Original ResearchOpen Access

College experience of academically successful students with autism

Sara Drake
Journal of Autism 1: 5

Original ResearchOpen Access

High use of complementary and alternative medication among children with autism is not associated with the severity of core symptoms

Joanna Granich, Anna Hunt, David Ravine, John Wray, Andrew JO Whitehouse
Journal of Autism 1: 4

Original ResearchOpen Access

A pilot study of the meta-play method: a novel play intervention for toddlers with autism

Cooper R Woodard, Jin Chung, Maggie Korn
Journal of Autism 1: 3

HypothesisOpen Access

Is the broad autism phenotype in mothers of children with autism spectrum disorder exacerbated by the challenges of caring for their children?

Jenny Fairthorne, Colleen Fisher, Andrew J. O. Whitehouse
Journal of Autism 1: 2

Original ResearchOpen Access

Autism spectrum disorder and the applied collaborative approach: a review of community based participatory research and participatory action research

Cheryl A. Wright, Scott D. Wright, Marissa L. Diener, Jacqueline Eaton
Journal of Autism 1: 1

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Age-related conditions, Autism spectrum disorders, Hearing impairments, Down's syndrome, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Epilepsy, Fetal anti-convulsant syndrome (FACS), Fragile X syndrome, Hyperlexia, Learning disabilities, PDA (Pathological demand avoidance syndrome), Pervasive development disorder, Semantic pragmatic disorder, Asperger syndrome.