Journal of Autism

Journal of Autism

ISSN 2054-992X

The difficulties that people with autism spectrum disorder encounter in different social settings

khalid Almahrag*

*Correspondence: khalid Almahrag

Khalid Mohammed Almahrag, Special Education, King Saud University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


There are people in our society who demand special attention and care like a person with autism. In this paper, we will consider difficulties that a person with autistic spectrum disorders may experience in a societal setting and how the social difficulties affect such a person’s life in the family, school, and workplace. First, we will describe social difficulties in a child with autism, then discuss social difficulties in the home, school, and workplace. We will describe the autism factor first then discuss the social difficulties experienced by people with ASD at home, school, and workplace.

Keywords: Autism, socially experienced in-home, Social experienced at school, Social experienced in the workplace

ISSN 2054-992X
Volume 8
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