Journal of Autism

Journal of Autism

ISSN 2054-992X
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Increasing Compliance in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder During an Extracurricular Activity

Gregory W. Smith


Dalton State College, 650 College Drive, 215 Brown Hall, Dalton, GA 30720, USA.


Individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) commonly experience difficulties in both expressive and receptive language skills which are often associated with non-compliance in adult and peer interactions. Given the unusually high rates of non-compliance in children with ASD, effective techniques that promote compliance are highly sought after by both parents and teachers alike. This study investigated compliance rates of four (4) students with ASD based on the use of three different types of commands: (a) verbal commands only, (b) verbal commands with a gesture (i.e., pointing), and (c) verbal commands coupled with picture prompts to achieve a desired request. Results indicate that response to verbal commands plus gestures achieved the greatest degree of compliance.

Keywords: Autism spectrum disorder, ASD, Disabilities, Special education, Baseball, Compliance, Commands, Extracurricular activity

ISSN 2054-992X
Volume 9
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