Scope of the journal

Trends in Bacteriology focuses and publish articles on current research and discovery of new methods and techniques employed in the identification and characterization of bacteria. The study subsequently developed a number of specializations View More...


Dr. Tobias Alecio Mattei
is an academic oncological spine surgeon at the Department of Neurological Surgery of the Ohio State University, USA. His research interests include spinal infections, spinal fixation, osteomyelitis, vertebral infections, diskitis, and preventive strategies for surgical infections.

Senior Editor

Dr. Zhou Ruanbao
is an Associate Professor of Microbiology at South Dakota State University, USA. His research interests include Cyanobacteria, Bacillus subtilis, biochemistry and molecular biology, molecular genetics of bacteria, Genetic engineering, intramembrane metalloproteases, microbial production of biofuels.

Trends in Bacteriology Subject Areas

Morphology and taxonomy, Bacterial respiration and metabolism, Growth and reproduction, Genetics and behaviour, Bacterial infections, Bacteria and environment, Biodefence, Bacterial plasmids, Extremophiles, Genetically modified bacteria, Bacterial biofilm, Bacterial significance in technology and industry, Probiotics and prebiotics.