Biochemical Compounds

Biochemical Compounds

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The issue of drug spending

Abimbola Farinde

Correspondence: Abimbola Farinde

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Columbia Southern University, USA.


Drug pricing and spending has been become an ever present issue that continues to gain attention. Many Americans experience difficulty when it comes to the affordability of prescription drugs, specialty drugs, or even branded medications. According to the IMS Institute of Healthcare Information the amount of money that is tied to medications has increased by at least double digits since the second year in 2015 to reach $425 billion. The topic of cost containment and improved regulation on the part of local, state, government officials is necessary in order to prevent additional increases that will continue to be felt by the average consumer.

Keywords: Drug spending, prices, specialty drugs, affordable care act, affordability, prescription drugs, government officials

ISSN 2052-9341
Volume 4
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