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Melting behavior of pseudoknots containing adjacent GC and AT rich domains

Calliste Reiling-Steffensmeier, Mikenzie Nordeen, Luis A Marky
Biochemical Compounds 2017 5: 4 (13 July 2017)
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Poly-L-lysine-coated nanoparticles are ineffective in inducing mucosal immunity against group a streptococcus

Nirmal Marasini, Ashwini Kumar Giddam, Michael R Batzloff, Michael F Good, Mariusz Skwarczynski, Istvan Toth
Biochemical Compounds 2017 5: 1 (1 March 2017)
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Proteolytic truncation of human transthyretin linked to amyloidosis is mediated by a trypsin like enzyme: In vitro demonstration using model peptides

Mysa Saad, Chunyu Lu, Charita Koya, Ajoy Basak
Biochemical Compounds 2016 4: 5 (16 August 2016)
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Base-modified thymidine and thymine analogs with low cytotoxicity effectively obstruct DNA replication in papovaviridae

Kayla M Borland, Patrick R Wolfkiel, Matthew P Burke, Sean M Lawson, Courtney A Stockman, Aron P Bercz, Julia N Tolstolutskaya, Vladislav A Litosh
Biochemical Compounds 2016 4: 3 (22 July 2016)
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Synthesis and immunological evaluation of peptide-based vaccine candidates against malaria

Saranya Chandrudu, Mariusz Skwarczynski, David Pattinson, Simon H Apte, Denise L Doolan, Istvan Toth
Biochemical Compounds 2016 4: 1 (12 January 2016)
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Contributions of the loops on the stability and targeting of DNA pseudoknots

Calliste Reiling, Luis A. Marky
Biochemical Compounds 2014 2: 3 (28 August 2014)
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Isolation, characterization and production of a new recombinant lectin protein from leguminous plants

Ayyub Patel
Biochemical Compounds 2014 2: 2 (27 June 2014)
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An unusual casein kinase 1 from Trypanosoma cruzi epimastigotes

Irene Justiniano, Karem Noris-Suarez, Ana R. De Lima, Victor T. Contreras, José Bubis
Biochemical Compounds 2014 2: 1 (21 January 2014)
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Preparation of canine relaxin by Fmoc-solid phase synthesis and regioselective disulfide bond formation within the A- and B-chains

Feng Lin, Julien Tailhades, Linda J Chan, Ross A Bathgate, Mohammed A Hossain, John D Wade
Biochemical Compounds 2013 1: 4 (12 September 2013)
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Ammonium sulfate precipitation combined with liquid chromatography is sufficient for purification of bovine serum albumin that is suitable for most routine laboratory applications

Odutayo O. Odunuga, Alina Shazhko
Biochemical Compounds 2013 1: 3 (1 August 2013)