ReviewOpen Access

Addressing the glycan complexity by using mass spectrometry: In the pursuit of decoding glycologic

Yoshimi Kanie, Osamu Kanie
Biochemical Compounds 2017 5: 3 (10 May 2017)
ReviewOpen Access

Phytochemicals mediated signalling pathways and their implications in cancer chemotherapy: Challenges and opportunities in phytochemicals based drug development: A review

Vivek Kumar Gupta, Reetika Singh, Bechan Sharma
Biochemical Compounds 2017 5: 2 (10 March 2017)
ReviewOpen Access

Platinum-based anticancer drugs encapsulated liposome and polymeric micelle formulation in clinical trials

Zhou Hang, Matthew A Cooper, Zyta M Ziora
Biochemical Compounds 2016 4: 2 (11 May 2016)