Silencing Wind Turbine Blade Noise using Active Noise Control

As the development in wind energy increases globally, solutions and more understanding are sought continuously on the complexities and general effects of wind turbine noise. To understand this problem, studies and evaluations of the source of this type of noise is required. Wind turbine noise consists of low frequency and high frequency noise and this… Read More »

Role of regeneration in tissue repairing and therapies

Present review article emphasizes role of regeneration mechanism in various tissues and its use in organ transplantation for wound healing and repairing. This review also addresses tissue engineering methods and use of new biological scaffold materials and promising candidates such as immunomodulators, adhesions, integrins in tissue repairing and induction of regeneration in injured tissues. This… Read More »

Transdermal delivery of xenon from lipophilic solution and water

Xenon has been considered as an ideal anaesthetic agent. Also, scientific literature presents evidence of the neuroprotective effects of xenon in treatment of traumatic and ischemic brain injury. Data suggest that blockade of NMDA receptors in the nervous system by xenon plays a key role in neuroprotective effects of this agent. Recently, NMDA receptors have… Read More »

Genetic characterization of Liriodendron seed orchards with EST-SSR markers

Liriodendron is a genus of the magnolia family (Magnoliaceae) in the order Magnoliales. The genus consists of two species, with one native to eastern North America (Liriodendron tulipifera) and another to China and Vietnam (Liriodendron chinense). Commonly known as yellow-poplar, tulip tree, or tulip-poplar, L. tulipifera is a wide-spread, fast-growing pioneering hardwood species with considerable… Read More »

Spectrum of opportunistic infections among HIV seropositive patients in Delhi region-a study by Delhi state AIDS control society

Globally, there were approximately 35.3 [32.2–38.8] million people living with HIV in 2012. The adult HIV prevalence at national level is 0.27% as estimated in 2011 and has recently been estimated that 2.5 million individuals are living with HIV infection in India. The depletion of T-lymphocytes which result from the proliferation of HIV causes the immune… Read More »

Article Level metrics

Herbert Publications now providing  Article level metrics for published research by measuring the number of citations, Views, Pdf downloads, Comments on Social networks etc. to determine the Impact of the published research articles. Article Level Metrics were introduced in the Year 2009 by The Public Library of Science (PLOS)  to measure the dissemination and reach… Read More »

HepK, a protein-histidine kinase from the cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. strain PCC 7120, binds sequence-specifically to DNA

Two-component phosphorelay systems are minimally consisted of a sensory protein-histidine kinase (HK) and a response regulator (RR). HK autophosphorylates its conserved histidine residue in response to stimulus from an environment, this phosphate group then is transferred to a conserved aspartic acid residue of an RR, which is generally a transcription factor. HepK is a member… Read More »

Neurocan expression and function during early avian embryogenesis

Neurocan is the most abundant lectican considered to be expressed exclusively in the central nervous system. Neurocan interacts with other matrix components, with cell adhesion molecules, growth factors, enzymes and cell surface receptors. The interaction repertoire and evidence from cellular studies indicated an active role in signal transduction and major cellular programs. Relatively little is… Read More »