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CrossMark is a multi-publisher initiative from the CrossRef organization to provide a standard way for readers to locate the final version of a document.

HERBERT PUBLICATIONS has started CrossMark service from January 2014, to maintain scientific accuracy and integrity. A CrossMark logo will appear on a PDF file or HTML page indicating that the publisher is maintaining the published document through corrections, updates and retractions.

The main purpose of the CrossMark logo appearing on PDF file or HTML page is to provide researchers a reliable way to know the status of any article, from the publisher. Clicking the CrossMark logo from any online version of the article, PDF file or HTML page, a popup will open like this. It indicates that either the article is up to date, or that updates are available.

                                                       blog pic

If the document has any updates, it will display the message as follows:


CrossMark service is important for maintaining the current content, which aids the consistency of the scholarly information.