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Breast Cancer Reports

ISSN 2057-1631
Case report

An unusual manifestation of a breast mass: primary lymphoma

Majid Montazer1*, Maryam Hoseini2 and Haleh Farzin3

*Correspondence: Majid Montazer

1. Assistant Professor of Thoracic Surgery Department, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Iran.

Author Affiliations

2. Assistant of Anesthesiology, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Iran.

3. Assistant of Anesthesiology, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Iran.


Background: Some of breast masses are uncommon including primary diffuse primary large B- cell lymphoma. It is commonly seen in pregnant and lactating women. It has usually unpleasant symptoms and referred with unspecified diagnosis. The confirmation of diagnosis made by biopsy and patient benefit from radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Methods and materials: In this literature, we report a 41 years old women with several masses in her lactation duration. She had history of 3 cesarean section and seemingly, normal course of pregnancy. Her major chief compliant was painless masses in her breast that initially diagnosed as mastitis.

Conclusion: We concluded that occasionally some relatively rare disease such as primary breast lymphoma occurs with unrelated features. Likely, exact obtaining history and physical examination or timely using of imaging and pathology modalities can play important role and help us in guiding treatment.

Keywords: Breast cancer, lymphoma, unusual

ISSN 2057-1631
Volume 4
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