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Sentinel node procedure under local anesthesia in breast cancer patients. Lessons learned from a prematurely closed randomized clinical trial

Martijn Leenders, Shirley Go, Alexander Lopes Cardozo, Robbert Mollema, Hermien Schreurs
Breast Cancer Reports 2020 7: 3 (11 October 2020)
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A Longitudinal Study for the Effect of Vitamin D Adjunct to Chemotherapy on Non-Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients after Mastectomy

Ehab I Mohamed, Azza M Helal, Noha M Awad, Gihane I Khalil, Amani M Bayoumi, Nadia A Abd El Moneim
Breast Cancer Reports 2019 6: 1 (25 July 2019)
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Qualitative and quantitative analysis of biological samples from non-metastatic breast cancer patients

Ehab I Mohamed, Moustafa H Moustafa, Marwa A Mohamed, El-Sayed I Awad, Hala K Maghraby, Taddese W Godeto, Brian M Ross
Breast Cancer Reports 2017 4: 3 (26 July 2017)
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Effect of adjuvant chemotherapy on carboxytelopeptide of cross-linked type I collagen of egyptian women with non-metastatic breast cancer

Ehab I Mohamed, Samir M Abdel-Mageed, Gihane I Khalil, Ahmed A Emara, Heba S Ramadan, Nadia A Abdel-Moneim
Breast Cancer Reports 2014 1: 1 (14 October 2014)