Cardiovascular System

Cardiovascular System

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Case report

Deep venous thrombosis during tuberculosis cases of 19-year guinean

Abdoulaye Camara*, Sana Samoura, Aly Samoura, Koivogui Diara, Doumbouya Mohamed, Barry M Alpha, SOUMAORO M, Barry Ibrahima Sory, Baldé Elhadj Yaya, Mariama Beavogui, Baldé Mamadou Dadhi and Condé Mamady

*Correspondence: Abdoulaye Camara

Cardiac Service, Ignace Deen CHU, Conakry, Guinea, West africa.


Observation: This is I S S 19 years admitted pupil for pain of the lower right limb, swelling of the right lower limb, fever and physical asthenia under anti tuberculosis treatment. At the heart: Regular heart sounds at 105bpm, no added noise, blood pressure 110 / 70mmhg. There is a red, feverish swelling in the lower left limb with a positive Homans sign with no detectable entryway. Temperature 38.70c. The rest of the exam is peculiar. Treatment: Lovenox 0.6UI, Sintrom 4mg, Tramadol 50mg.

Conclusion: Tuberculosis is a factor favoring the occurrence of venous thromboembolic disease. Any time the anticoagulant treatment should be started as soon as the signs of MTVE appear preferably heparinotherapy. In the future the scientific world should floor on the interaction Rifampicin and anti vitamin K in order to find an alternative apart from heparin therapy for the purpose of achieving the therapeutic target whenever tuberculosis is associated with thromboembolic disease.

Keywords: Young, Thrombosis, TB

ISSN 2052-4358
Volume 7
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