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Mean platelet volume in acute myocardial infarction: a case-controlled study

Bimal K Agrawal, Bharatveer Manchanda, Akash Garg, Abhishek Mittal, N C Mahajan, Usha Agrawal
Cardiovascular System 2018 3: 6 (8 December 2018)
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A cross sectional study of arm venous compliance in fit healthy subjects

Ingeborg M Leinan, Øystein rønnevik, Asbjørn Støylen, Ulrik Wisløff, Trine Karlsen
Cardiovascular System 2018 3: 5 (8 December 2018)
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Assessing the efficacy of novel oral anticoagulants after acute coronary syndrome

Hamza Mohamed QabiL, Ahmed Mohamed Ramzy, Mahmoud Shawky  Abdelmoneum, Khedr Ahmed Abd Elfattah
Cardiovascular System 2018 6: 2 (16 August 2018)
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Echocardiographic assessment of the left atrial function in patients with mitral valve disease by two-dimensional speckle tracking

Hussein Awad Hemeda, Mahmoud Shawky Abd Elmoneum, Eman Said Al Kishk, Sayed Abd El Khaleq El Darky
Cardiovascular System 2018 6: 1 (21 June 2018)
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An alternative method that reduces homologous blood use In open heart surgery; cell saver

Melike Elif Teker, Ä°. Bayer Cınar
Cardiovascular System 2017 5: 1 (28 April 2017)
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Six months outcome of rescue percutaneous coronary intervention compared to conservative treatment in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction with failed fibrinolytic therapy

Mohamed Salem, Mohamed Mahrous, Ahmed Ramzy
Cardiovascular System 2015 3: 4 (16 December 2015)
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Are two-dimensional images sufficient to assess the atherosclerotic plaque vulnerability: a viscoelastic and anisotropic finite element model

Mehrdad Zareh, Guy Fradet, Gholamreza Naser, Hadi Mohammadi
Cardiovascular System 2015 3: 3 (10 July 2015)
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Comparison of ivabradine and metoprolol tartrate impact on the heart rate variability in patients with angina pectoris

Naufal Shamilevich Zagidullin, Rustem Halitovich Zulkarneev, Ekaterina Olegovna Travnikova, Shamil Zarifovich Zagidullin
Cardiovascular System 2014 2: 9 (22 November 2014)
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Blood pressure variability analysis enhances risk stratification in chronic heart failure

Matthias Goernig, Rico Schroeder, Robby Kleindienst, Hans Reiner Figulla, Andreas Voss, Uwe Leder
Cardiovascular System 2014 2: 5 (30 May 2014)
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Dark chocolate intake improves endothelial function in young healthy people: a randomized and controlled trial

Telmo Pereira, Mariana Vilas Boas, Jorge Conde
Cardiovascular System 2014 2: 3 (1 March 2014)