Figure 1 : Immunocytochemistry results of untreated Ishikawa cells (magnification x200):
(A) Cytokeratin at 1:30 dilution, marker of epithelial cells. (B) Vimentin at 1:50, marker
of stromal cells. (C) ERα at 1:25. (D) ERβ at 1:25. (E) PR at 1:25. (F) MFGE8 at 1:1000,
note intense staining using low dilution. Insert: NC: negative control using a non-immune
IgG control antibody. Immunofluorescence results of untreated Ishikawa cells: (G) ανβ3
integrin at 1:50. (H) hCG-R (1:100). Note predominant cell membrane location for these
proteins, with a filamentous distribution for ανβ3 integrin, and a more diffuse punctuate
form for hCG-R (x630 for both).

Bocca et al.Cell signalling and Trafficking  2013 1:1DOI : 10.7243/2054-1481-1-1