Figure 2 : Quantitative changes in MFGE8, IL-6 and MUC1 mRNA expression in Ishikawa cells (relative expression of target transcripts in relation to
the reference gene β-actin). (A) The relative gene expression of MFGE8 was significantly increased by E2 after 24 hours (*P <0.05). On the other
hand, P4 inhibited the estrogen stimulation, and P4 alone did not have an effect. (B) For IL-6: E2 alone and E2 plus P4 significantly increased IL-6
gene expression compared to controls (*P <0.05), whereas P4 alone had no effect. (C) For MUC1: E2 significantly increased gene expression
(*P <0.05), but no effect was seen after E2 plus P4 treatment, or with P4 alone. (D) After 24 or 72 hours, 500 mIU hCG did not modify MFG-E
mRNA expression levels (P>0.5).

Bocca et al.Cell signalling and Trafficking  2013 1:1DOI : 10.7243/2054-1481-1-1